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We design and manufacture point-of-sale displays and material. Our automated production facilities allow for quality and innovation in manufacture and design proposals. We can produce small or large quantities in using  materials such as metal, plastic, wire, and wood depending on designs and budgets available.



Display Stands

Our production facilities, offer latest CNC technology, allowing for precise manufacture, assembly, and high quality of produced items. Company owned machinery includes – acrylic and plastics cutting and forming, wood cutting and finishing, metal cutting and bending, and high quality assembly line. We also offer offset printing, silk-screen printing and digital printing for our advertising […]

ξύλινα γράμματα

3D Letters

If you need letters of any dimension and thickness, in any type of material we can manufacture small or large quantities in any finish requested.


Acrylic Products

We produce acrylic items from high quality acrylic sheets, either cast or extruded, laser-cut and heat-bent in order to give them form. We can manufacture in all available colours and finishes.images

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Router Cutting

 With the use of our cnc-router can cut any design out of materials such as wood, melamine, pvc foam etc., with dimensions up to 2000 Χ 1000 mm.

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Retail Signs

 We produce retail signs out of metal lettering, which can be either all metal or with an acrylic front in order to emit light either from the front in any color or from the back onto the wall. All metal lettering can be powder coated in any colour. We can also produce wooden signs either […]



Custom-made items for the hotel-restaurant and bar environment with the use of premium materials and innovative design.

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Laser Cutting

We can laser-cut  any type of material with dimensions up to 2000 x 1000 mm. Our laser-cutting machines can cut sheet metal, metal profiles, acrylic sheets and many types of wood.


Metal Products

Metal items or constructions can be manufactured with high-precision and welded together. We can also paint our metal parts with powder coating in all available colours.

ξυλινες κατασκευές

Wooden Products

Wooden constructions or items can be manufactured from most types of wood, either for indoor or outdoor use, and can be given a varnish or lacquer finish if requested.


Printing Silkscreen or Digital

We can print on thick material by silk-screen printing where the use of pantone inks give an exquisite outcome. For smaller amounts we can print digitally onto the material.


3D Design -Graphic/

Graphic Design  We can design the graphics for your artwork which will be printed on your display material. 3d design -rendering. We can bring your ideas to life through design and realistically 3d-rendered images.


Digital Printing-Offset

Our digital roll-to-roll printer can also cut-out your stickers with the latest print-cut technology.

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